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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

One more to the list of celebrity Buddhists

Yes, another celebrity has embraced the teachings of the Buddha. This time, its Amy Winehouse and we all know she probably needs it too. One of her musicians introduced Buddhist chanting to her as a way of recovering from her rather chaotic life of severe health problems as a result of drug abuse. She has also watched the Youtube video of an interview with Tina Turner in which she describes her conversion to Buddhism and chants "Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō", the same chant that Amy has adopted.

Nam Myōhō Renge Kyō is translated as "Devotion to the Mystic Law of cause and effect that exists throughout all the sounds and vibrations of the universe". It's a mantra chanted as the main practice of Nichiren Buddhism, a branch of Buddhism distinguished by its focus on the Lotus Sutra and the belief of an innate Buddha nature in all people. Nichiren Buddhism also separates itself from other sects of Japanese Buddhism, of which they believe to be deviations from the orthodoxy of Mahayana Buddhism.

The phrase "Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō" seems to have an interesting pattern of appearance in pop culture. Besides Tina Turner, it has been used by The Wayans Bros, Boy Meets World, and even The Simpsons. No wonder Amy Winehouse chose this particular phrase to chant.

And as a closing note, here are a list of Buddhist Celebrities, many of which may come off a bit surprising (Keanu Reeves? Steven Seagal??).

Orlando Bloom
Leonard Cohen
Richard Gere
Angelina Jolie
Tina Turner
Uma Thurman
Miranda Kerr
Jet Li
Kate Hudson
Dennis Weaver
Allen Ginsberg
Philip Glass
Phil Jackson
K.D. Lang
Courtney Love
Alanis Morissette
Victor Pelevin
Keanu Reeves
Thuy Trang
Tiger Woods
Naomi Watts
Sharon Stone
Ming-Na Wen
Steve Jobs
Steven Seagal

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