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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Beckhams turn Buddhist

Yes, we have more celebrity Buddhists to add to the list. Now, David and Victoria Beckham have turned to Buddhism to cope with their hectic celebrity lives in California. Except is it really Buddhism they are practicing?

"David has begun wearing health, prosperity and performance beads around his wrist. He has started yoga and stretching classes after a knee injury, and then a teammate suggested Buddhist chanting to soothe his mind. "

"David and Victoria are really getting into the whole holistic, healthy vibe too. Victoria often picks up a soya latte at an organic cafe called Urth Caffe, which is next to The Bodhi Tree bookstore, where she bought hundreds of dollars' worth of self-help books."

"They have had Chinese Feng Shui experts come in to rearrange their home, hope it will improve David's luck on the soccer pitch and their chances of conceiving. They have turned into the ultimate hippy power couple!"

So let's see - apparently Buddhism for the British soccer idol and former Spice Girl involves....

1. morning chanting

2. holistic (whatever that means) and healthy diet

3. health, prosperity, and performance beads

4. yoga

5. Chinese Feng Shui

6. Bodhi Tree self-help books

Well, I guess Buddhism comes in all forms. I hope they know or figure out there's much more to Buddhism than diets and beads - maybe mentioning the Three Jewels (no, they aren't more beads) will catch their attention.

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