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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Following the Beckham trend?

British rugby star Jonny Wilkinson has revealed his conversion to Buddhism. Wilkinson reveals suffering a period of depression upon kicking in the final goal for victory at England's 2003 World Cup finals. He then studied quantum physics, in which:

"I came to understand that I had been living a life in which I barely featured. I had spent my time immersed in the fear of not achieving my goals and then spent my time beating myself up about the mistakes I made along the way. Quantum physics helped me to realise that I was creating this destructive reality and that all I needed to do to change it was to change the way I chose to perceive the world."

After quantum physics, he eventually moved on to Buddhism:

"I do not like religious labels, but there is a connection between quantum physics and Buddhism, which I was also getting into. Failing at something is one thing, but Buddhism tells us that it is up to us how we interpret that failure."

"My motivation today has nothing to do with status, money or ego. Before I wanted to be the best in the world and I would watch other players to see how I measured up. Now when I do something great on the rugby pitch it is not about being better than others but about exploring my talent ... My fulfilment is no longer about self-gratification; it is about seeing the happiness of others."

Though he'll still be plowing through his opponents on the rugby field, he seems adequately informed. I wonder if there's any connections between him and the Beckhams...

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