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Friday, October 17, 2008

Handling stress

As UCLA students, I think we can safely say that we are quite familiar with stress throughout the academic quarter. Here's a Daily Bruin article about therapy for stress.

"To address this issue, researchers at UCLA are diving in to get a full understanding of the many different types of anxiety to develop more effective treatments and to get the word out to the public: that anxiety exists but can be minimized to improve one’s quality of life.

The newest project coming out of the UCLA Anxiety Disorders Research Clinic is a study assessing the differences between two forms of treatment: cognitive behavioral therapy as well as the new application of mindfulness meditation as therapy to treat anxiety.

The study uses a functional MRI brain imaging tool to assess the changes in brain activation after patients received one of the two treatments during a 12-week period, Niles said.

The study will be done of people suffering from social anxiety, the fear of being severely judged in social situations, and general anxiety disorder, which is the excessive worrying about areas of life that can be trivial and out of one’s actual control."

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