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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Bodhisattva in the Metro

UBA Blog is back! Sorry everyone for having not posted in so long. Life gets busy in weird cycles, especially as a college student, but I'm back and excited to blog again. 

Here's an interesting video by Rod Meade Sperry of Shambhala SunSpace that I found over at Rev. Danny Fisher's blog.

1 comment:

Darlene Tran said...

wow...i was watching and started cracking up!! HAHAHAHAHAHAA but i couldnt get why it was called "Bodhisattva in the Metro." I just thought it was some crazy guy laughing in the subway. But then looking back, it was the effects of one person and his little action that affected many. What a thought provoking short :) i really enjoyed that!

Thanks for posting it!